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 As a faith based organization, Triple “H” believes in serving the “total being”

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I Yesenia Montoya Head of Household, Family made up of one adult and two (2) Minor children, two (2) Residents and one baby citizen in the United States, we arrived in the country in October of 2016, from Columbia  with little money and  a promised employment but was told the job was given to someone else. My cousin wouldn’t allow me to stay free, we had to pay her first months of rent, personal expenses and the work referred by a relative was not possible, from the room where I paid an income in a cousin's house
And left in the street with my family, the Heart, Health & Healing Ministries which is located: 3600 Broadway West Palm Beach, FL, 33407 we were able to afford to pay rent in a room for me and my family and helped us with food and clothing.
If it wasn’t for Mrs. Hill We would still be homeless. She help me got to stay in Stony Brooks Plaza, my daughter got back in school. I was so afraid that we had to go back to our country and with my abusive ex – husband. Mrs. Hill is an angel, I Thank God she didn’t give up on me. I thank you Quantum Foundation for helping Heart, Health, & Healing, Ministries, Inc. help people like me and my family.

Yesenia Montoya

March 10, 2017

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“I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude by thanking the whole Triple "H" Ministries. In time of crisis, you were patient, kind, and sympathetic towards me and my children. You were able to provide food and emergency shelter, without knowing us and promptly provided emergency health care services and testing, putting my heart and mind at ease. I am incredible grateful for all of your help, your compassion and benevolence towards me and my family. you were such a blessing in my time of need and God is working on bettering my life and my current situation.

 I hope you continue the amazing work that you do and continue offing a hand to those in need, positively impacting lives and intervening in times of crisis”

Brittany Hazel

Sept. 17, 2015

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“Dear Heart, Health, and Healing Ministries,

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for helping me in obtaining gifts for my children this holiday season. I am a single mother of three young children , who works part time and also goes to school, and my resources for gift buying for my children are scarce. If I have to choose in buying medicine or gas to drive my kids to school or Christmas gifts, the needs comes before the wants. Thanks to your organization my children will be able to have a very happy merry Christmas. ”

Mary L. Castillo

Dec. 21, 2015

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