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We are a grassroots organization that has a rich and robust history in providing holistic healthcare for communities of color.

We focus on the social determinants of health that contributes to health inequities for low-income populations.

Barriers to adequate healthcare have become a major cause of early deaths in individuals without proper access to healthcare.

For example, Palm Beach County has nearly 4,000 individuals who are HIV positive and 25% of individuals infected are unaware of their status and afraid to seek testing. The stigma associated with HIV testing has prevented individuals from becoming aware of their status.

We collaborate with a Federally Qualified Health Center to reduce the perception of stigma by offering HIV testing as a routine well-care screening with glucose screenings, dental exams, hearing/vision testing, and high blood pressure screenings. With this partnership, we’ve identified more HIV-positive clients, effectively working with health centers that provide major medical healthcare and preventative screenings.

To gain an understanding of the motivation of human behavior, we employ Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a behavioral intervention. This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before addressing more serious healthcare needs. With that knowledge, we have partnered with community-based organizations such as homeless and domestic violence shelters to assist with immediate basic needs. We implement evidence-based interventions and case management for HIV-positive clients while providing direct access to medical care and social services for a better quality of life. 

With much support from the community, our newer services include a weekly food pantry, a monthly mobile food pantry, bi-monthly free yoga in the park, and community feedings/wellness events.

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We are proud to report that last year, we conducted 3,680 HIV tests. Of those, we identified 35 HIV-infected individuals and linked them to healthcare.

We have received a proclamation from the City of Riviera Beach for recognition of the preventative health work we do in their communities. We have an excellent working relationship and partnership with the local county health department and participate in all community health fairs.

Providing public relations media spots on the radio and cable, participating in social marketing campaigns for healthcare equality as well as national health awareness days, organizing local town hall meetings, and earning recognition at the BET Spring Bling annual festivals.

We host and sponsor targeted community walk-a-thons and initiate fundraisers to combat health disparities in low-income communities of color.

"Doing a lot with a little" is what we are most recognized for, receiving many referrals from current and former clients who are appreciative of our services.

We have memorandums of understanding with several organizations within Palm Beach County, including the county jail and an infectious disease physician who is our agency’s principal investigator. We’ve received a commendation from the Palm Beach Post for a documentary on the system of care in Palm Beach County for inmates who test HIV positive and are immediately linked to healthcare.

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